Our Family

Our Family

Why I Blog

I decided to start a blog not only so others can read about what's been going on with the Lawrence family, but also to help me remember these wonderful years while my son is still so young.
It feels like just a little while ago I told my husband that I was pregnant. We spent that evening curled up on the couch dreaming and talking about what it would be like to be parents. The joy and excitement was almost unbearable. Now, 18 months later, I look back and remember the way that felt. I thought it would be wonderful, but I had no idea just how awesome it would be!
I want to write about this awesome experience of motherhood and the joys of building a family! I know there is no way to truly express the joy I feel or the love that I have for my son and his wonderful father...but I'll do my best. :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Maybe I'm Just Not a Blogger.

I love the idea of blogging and talking about stuff that's going on in my life, but when it comes right down to it I don't have the time and when I do I feel like blogging is a waste of my time...I mean who really reads this anyway? lol I also feel like I have to watch every little thing that I say so that I wont offend and so that it doesn't sound like I'm bragging when I talk about Rogan. Over all I'm not a very good writer and knowing that makes me cautious to blog.

Now my thoughts are..."I can't blog that. Some one might think I'm crazy!" ...good thing I don't really care what you think...I'm posting it!


  1. Go ahead and brag about Rogan! :)

    I feel the same way about being cautious about what I write, so as not to offend, but have decided to work on being more real. We're all different; we all have different opinions and experiences. You may ruffle some feathers, but you might also open someone's mind or learn something from others who comment about the subject.

    You should blog.

  2. Hi Cynthia. I never know what to write either. I would post something on my blog and then worry that people will think it is stupid. So then I delete it. I have deleted more posts on my blog than people write on theirs. Now I have decided that I will just write what is on my mind. That is pretty scary but not many "Follow" my blog or reads it so what difference does it make? Besides, just the pictures of Rogan make your blog great!!! He is a doll.